For years, my expertise was in the corporate world of human resources. When my job was outsourced overseas I had no idea that it was a blessing in disguise. I found myself as an office coordinator at a prominent dog kennel/day care/groom salon. I quickly developed a passion for learning more about how a dog's brain works and transitioned my research into behavior correction & training. Seeing how effective food motivation can be for so many dogs, I combined the joy of baking, while simultaneously sharing training techniques with many dogs and their owners. 


When I became pregnant with my second child I knew I couldn't simply abandon the life I had built with these loving pups. So I got creative in the kitchen as a way to show them I still care. The feedback I received on my home baked treats was so encouraging I decided to expand the options and the opportunities and built The Blissful Barkery!



 Serving the canine community of Oak Ridge, TN and surrounding areas has been the most rewarding occupation I have ever had and I look forward to further years of dedication.